Four mountain ranges converge here. Thirteen million acres of virgin powder in the largest protected land mass on earth. And there is no place more diverse – Wrangell-St. Elias National Park offers something for every skier, from the gnarliest pro to the just-for-fun crowd. It’s a true skier’s paradise.

Are you drooling yet? You want to heli ski Wrangell-St. Elias? Forget it! There are no helicopters are allowed in the park.

So how can it be that people are starting to talk about the amazing skiing here?

Because of planes.

At Ultima Thule Alaska Lodge we are a pioneer of plane-assisted ski-touring. Proud to say that Jeremy Jones rode with us last year. Gliding over endless glaciers, range after range, peak after peak, Jones recalls, “It was clear I was in the midst of the biggest mountains I had ever seen.”

Jones’ pilot on that flight was Paul Claus. As the owner and lead pilot here at Ultima Thule, Paul routinely flies our ski-touring guests deep into the Alaskan wilderness, touching down on mountain ridges where no one has ever skied. Ever.

“Every day is different,” Paul likes to say. “There is only one thing you can count on: you will be changed by the experience.”

Compared with a typical heli-ski tour, we're proud to say that what we offer is a truly immersive wilderness experience. Paul’s father built the first cabin at Ultima Thule over fifty years ago -- before Wrangell-St. Elias became a National Park. That puts our family in the unique position of being permitted to operate ski adventures from a cozy lodge based deep inside the National Park.

That means you can ski virgin powder all day -- and be home in time for dinner, where cush lodging, feather beds and a hearty Alaskan meal await you.

This is why, when people ask us about exploring Alaska’s largest powder playground, we tell them: it’s time to leave the beaten heli path

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