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If you want a quick answer, email is the best way to reach us. We retrieve email daily via satellite, and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can. There's no phone at Ultima Thule Lodge. This is one of the last places on earth beyond the reaches of cell coverage and phone lines. But you can leave us a message. We collect messages regularly.

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– The Claus Family

The Nitty Gritty



This place is not designed for everyone. We’re not a luxury property in the sense of infinity pools and in-room butler service, but getting to be in a location as remote and hard to access as this is and feeling as comfortable and cared for as you would at home is a real luxury if you see it that way. There’s no hiding the fact that existence out here can be raw at times. You may notice that your water heater has hiccups or there’s not enough power to run hair dryers. Your cabin might be a little crooked from a season of standing atop permafrost, but when you understand that everything arrived here on a small bush-plane, 350 miles away from the nearest department stores, you’ll be able to appreciate the flush toilet, the 24 hour electricity and the attention to detail in the hand-carved furniture and thoughtfully sourced furnishings. 

To understand the value here, you have to understand the place. For those of us born in the northernmost state in the US, we are accustomed to things being the way they are. Our summers are short, our winters are extreme. There’s no taming nature, we take what we get from her with acceptance and gratitude. But it’s the freedom that keeps us here and breeds the desire to share our reality with others. Freedom comes with responsibility, we all know that in our own ways, but out here nothing comes easy. We often try to make it look like it does like we aren’t a little rough around the edges, but we also realize that our visitors appreciate the raw and real side of things and want to understand how it all works and is possible. We also know what our well-traveled guests have come to expect when investing their travel budgets into high dollar properties in other wild locations around the world. We get it, we’re travelers ourselves and we want to blow you away, or at least surprise you, but you have to be sure you are open to the experience just as it is. We let nature lead us, never the other way around.

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