Wild and Raw

Here in the heart of the wilderness, one hundred miles from the end of the road, bears roam glittering sandbars. Moose feast on wild vegetation. Dall sheep tread their ancient mountain paths and eagles soar from cliff to spruce.

There is an element of the unexpected -- the thrill of being in a place where nature leads us and not the other way around. When we put ourselves in nature’s hands we forget our daily routines and live our days filled with wonder. You wake each morning immersed in nature’s exuberance. The long, brilliant days of an Alaskan summer are bursting with life.

There is vastness.

Knowing that if we set your sights high enough, push beyond the edges of your map, we can travel to a place no one has ever been, and see things no living person has ever imagined. 

There is majesty.

The thrill of humility that comes from standing amidst something larger than ourselves. It may be that there are as many definitions of wilderness as there are living souls who long to explore it. But it may be that every one of us can agree on this:

true wilderness changes us

It gets under our skin. It reminds us that there is something larger than the sliver of the world we see every day. It refreshes us. Recharges us. And nothing is ever the same again.





The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park


Stretching from Canada’s Yukon Territory to the Pacific Ocean, at over 13.2 million acres, Wrangell-St. Elias is the largest National Park in
N. America and part of the largest protected land mass on earth.

It is also a UNESCO

 World Heritage Monument

And a designated Wilderness Area.





The vast beauty of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park can be seen in a spectrum of colors: the intense blue-hues of some of the largest glaciers on earth, the auburn layers of rock that are revealed in the deep gorges of the Chitina River, or the variant hues of green tundra scrub that transition into fire red and canary yellow in the autumn.

Come discover all the of the wild for yourself.




An Adventure Each Day

There is no itinerary. "Wilderness," says Paul Claus, "is the unexpected. We let nature lead us, so every day is different.

"We may fly up into a mountain valley, or put you down on a sandbar at the edge of the forest, and take you on a hike that maybe no one has ever done before.”


Stewards of the Land

We are stewards of this immense wilderness and devoted to keeping it wild.

While exploring within the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and the Wilderness areas, we follow the Park Service standard of "leave no trace" and have the utmost respect for wildlife and flora native to this area.


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