Wild Adventures

Wilderness is the unexpected. We let nature lead us, not the other way around. Every day here is different.

No Itinerary

We want to know, what brings you to the Alaskan Wilderness, from there we’ll curate your experiences based on your fitness and interests.
Vistas, hiking, nature, no other people, scenery, exploration, show us what's out there: These are all words and descriptions that we love to hear from our guests on adventure planning day.

Each day revolves around the weather.

We will take you out on a combination of daily fly-out drops and flight tour adventures.

You’ll always have a guide and lunch will be served alfresco.

No advance itineraries ensures that each day will be different from the last.



Every Day is Different.




"In these Piper Super Cubs we can land you in the most amazing places,” says Paul Claus, owner and celebrated Alaskan Bushpilot.

“We can fly you up into a mountain valley, put you down on a sandbar at the edge of the forest, and guide you on a hike that literally no one has ever done before."

Check out our Flight page to learn about our bush planes, our world-class bush pilots, and the art of flying in the wilderness. 

Experience the freedom of  the unknown


Snapshot of Experiences

Picture yourself in their shoes:

A Snapshot:
C & K's Elopement

A Snapshot:
D & K's Milestone Celebration

A Snapshot:
M & J's Autumn Visit



This land will change your perspective.


You may fly to explore an abandoned gold mine. Or paddle an inflatable packraft on an alpine lake. Or hike in pursuit of Dall sheep across a mountain ridge.

The next day you'll find yourself landing in the middle of the largest non-polar glacier in the world, the Bagley Ice field, for an undisturbed view of the earth's largest mountain massif, Mt. Logan.


Or maybe our guides will take you flying near the pinnacle of Mount St. Elias, one of the largest vertical rock faces on Earth. You’ll dust Elias’ snowy peak, then dive down over the glacier fields, breeze over the grassy plains, and glide out to the Pacific Ocean. Land on the beach, sit in the sun and watch huge chunks of glacier ice crash into the wave while eating the perfect lunch sent along in the back of the plane. Read more about the environs that you will explore on our Wilderness page. 

You stand on the rocky peak of a mountain with no name. The sun is warm on your back. The glacier here is receding, and the stone beneath your feet has only been bare for a few days. “No human being has ever stood here,” says your guide.

No itineraries you have to choose from ahead of time. No set schedule of events. This is adventuring as it's meant to be, in its purest form, adhering to the laws of nature while respectfully marveling at her grandeur.









Let us show you around


For the Leisure Traveler to the Hard Core Athlete

There is something unique and perfect for a wide rage of age groups and fitness levels to discover in this vast Alaskan wilderness.

Each Day Brings Unique Possibilities...

Ultima Thule offers a classic tick-list of Alaskan Adventures and with no set itineraries, each day becomes a uniquely customized experience. The weather determines all daily outings. There is no added cost for flight supported adventures. It is part of the experience.




“You could go to the Himalayas,” says Paul, who climbed Everest in 1989. “But everywhere you go in Nepal, you see signs of civilization. Tea houses. Villages. There’s so much history there. So many people. Not here. This is some of the last true wilderness on earth.”

“I love this place,” says lodge owner and championship skier Donna Claus. “And I love sharing it. This land will change your life if you let it.”

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Vast, Wild and Free


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