When should we visit?

Our warm May days are full of energy. The land is electric with new growth as the Midnight Sun shows off the melting snow and growing flowers. Your days will consist of mild weather commonly around 40-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Young animals can be seen as this is their birthing season. This is a wonderful time to see Alaska and escape the crowds.

The Sourdoughs of Alaska don’t call this the Land of the Midnight Sun for no reason! In the mid Summer months, you will have nearly 24-hours of daylight and temperatures typically range from 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Alaska in midsummer is incredible.

The Wrangells are truly spectacular in Fall. You may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora. The land turns crimson as it prepares for winter. This time in Alaska is magical due to the warm days and cooler nights. Daily adventures are typically comfortable in 30-60 degree weather.

When is the BEST time to come? The quick answer is that you cannot go wrong. There is something special about each month.  Although, if you are coming for the powder, April is definitely the time for skiing and snowboarding.




"Alaska is hands down the most exotic you can get in America without a passport."

-Forbes Life



What might we see?


Big mountains, huge glaciers, mighty rivers, dramatic vistas, overwhelming wilderness. Come here with a willing and open mind and it’s sure to be filled to the brim.

Will we see a lot of animals?


That really depends on your definition of a lot. Many people who visit Alaska have an expectation that the concentration and variety of wildlife might be similar to game reserves in Africa. This is simply not the case unless you go to Katami to watch the bears or the Brooks Range to watch the caribou migration. In Wrangell-St. Elias, we regularly enjoy sightings of moose, bears, bison, sheep and mountain goats and less frequently; wolves, lynx, coyotes, fox, wolverine, and caribou.

The land these animals live in can be very rugged and harsh, especially during the winter months which greatly affects the land's carrying capacity for a species. Every day we’ll keep on the lookout for our wild neighbors while making sure not to disturb their daily routines. And that oh-so-iconic photo you are probably thinking about: A grizzly bear catching a salmon in his jaws from a waterfall…. You’re not going to see that here.

What will the weather be like?


There’s no telling, even on the day before. Sometimes even on the day of. Change happens quickly around here. We operate in an area twice as big as Switzerland with very limited and unreliable forecasting. We like to adopt the adage that there’s no such thing as bad weather for an adventure, only badly dressed people. We’ll send you a packing list to deal with dressing properly for all extremes. Remember that no one can do anything about the weather, but we always do our best to maximize your days however it may look outside. 

When can we see the Northern Lights?


As the days get shorter and darkness reappears on the horizon the possibility of catching an Aurora Borealis light show occurs. It's not uncommon to see the Northern Lights from Mid-August, but because the phenomenon is unpredictable there's never a guarantee, only a signal of good fortune, as the locals say.   

Will we fly every day?


All activities revolve around flying out from and back to the lodge each day. While flying will always depend on many variables including weather, winds, and visibility, we endeavor to maximize your days no matter the conditions. Our pilots will be studying the skies from the moment they wake up. There will be days that you might find yourself flight touring to different spots within the national park. There are other days that you may have a shorter flight en route to your destination where you'll spend all day hiking and exploring with a guide. We believe it is important to experience this wilderness from the air and from the ground. Flight is our way of life and will be integrated into your time with us, but durations and destinations are not guaranteed. One of the best parts of our experience is letting go and taking nature's lead on daily adventures. 

Can we fish?


Yes. But. We can take you to alpine lakes to try rod and reel fishing. Salmon fishing might be possible in late July and August, BUT we aren’t a fishing lodge. If you are a serious angler or want to be sure that fishing is an active part of your Alaskan adventure we suggest that you book a few days at a fishing-specific property or with a charter company on either end of your stay with us. If you just want to try to catch something for fun, we can do that. 

Do we have to pre-book or pay extra for activities?


Nope! Your daily fly-out adventures will be customized for you once you get to the lodge and included in the package price. We don't make itineraries, we see what the weather is up to and make the best of each day. There are some enhancement options, such as massage and wellness packages which can be added to a reservation at any time.

Will the adventures be private just for my group?


We will endeavor to give you options for private ground-based outings (all day hikes and guided drop-offs), however, flying based adventure tours are not guaranteed to be exclusive to one group. For guests wanting or requiring the certainty of guaranteed private experiences, we recommend buy-outing the Lodge with family and friends. 



Do you have to be a certain age or fitness level to enjoy the experience?

No! The only requirement is a good sense of adventure! We make it our business to tailor the daily outings to your fitness and ability level, however, it is important to remember a few things about the environment you will be traveling in:
There are no trails or mile markers out here.
You will have to walk on uneven surfaces and loose rocks and gravel.
You may get your feet wet and your pants muddy.
Alpine hikes will involve both going uphill and coming back down.
We may not be able to prevent a certain amount of exposure to heights.
You may be prohibited from certain activities for safety reasons if you cannot demonstrate reasonable fitness or if you fail to heed directions specified by your guide.
The aircraft we use are small and do have maximum weight restrictions according to FAA Regulations and you will be required to provide current body weight for each passenger at the time of booking. Our packages are sold based on two people sharing an aircraft.
The experience is best suited for children over 6 years old.