'The Best Lodge In Alaska'

Ultima Thule consistently receives top honors and recognition from travelers and publications across the globe. From the word of previous guests on Tripadvisor to the features by prominent media such as Outside Magazine, the Financial Times, National Geographic Traveler and Virgin Air, it's clear that guests are changed by the experience of Ultima Thule.



"Freedom in a giant's land."

– Travel and Leisure




"I am thankful for not only the chance to experience this unique destination but to meet a group of Alaskans who have deeply inspired me to embrace the spirit of adventure to the fullest degree. Thank you for this inspiration for it is a gift I will always have with me. You rock."
– Guest Phil O.

"We had such an awesome time here at the Lodge. Such strong friendships were created, as well as there were new adventures every day! From lakes with glorious views to rafting on a beautiful sunny day, this has been a trip full of laughter, joy and adventure. There were delicious delicacies every day, three times a day! We always felt welcome here and we're so sorry to have to go."
– Guest Laura S.


"Vast, unpredictable, and Majestic."

– Virgin Air Australia




"Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. You've made our honeymoon filled with sights and memories we'll always treasure. We really enjoyed our climb and very much appreciate the effort paul put into getting us -- and our gear! -- back to the lodge. This is some of the most spectacular country on earth and we hope to be back to experience it again in the future (maybe on skis!)."
– Guests Barney H. & Beth B.

"One of the coolest places I have ever been. Amazing scenery and flights, great fishing, and true Alaskan hospitality. This place reinvented my idea of wilderness."
– Ben O.

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