Alaska Wilderness Lodge

The Wrangell/St. Elias mountain ranges are a remote wilderness paradise – volcanos, glaciers, bears, goats, moose, gold and copper – and the highest coastal mountain range on earth. Deep in this protected wilderness, a hundred miles from the nearest road, our guests discover an outpost of comfort and civilization at Ultima Thule Lodge.

Alaskan Wilderness

Stretching from the Canadian Yukon to the Pacific Ocean, Wrangell-Saint Elias is the largest protected land mass on earth, and one of the least explored. There’s a reason for that. Read More


Ultima Thule Lodge

Ultima Thule Lodge is nestled on the shore of the Chitina River, a hundred miles from the nearest road. “This deep in the wilderness,” says Donna, “you can really appreciate the details of our little civilization.” “We do our best to ensure that creature comforts are indulged after the senses are overwhelmed by nature.”

Our Alaskan Lodge


Alaska Adventuring

At Ultima Thule there are no itineraries, no set schedules or canned tours. Simply adventures in their purest and most spontaneous form. Each morning around the breakfast table the possibilities are discussed and it’s not until the conclusion of the day, during dinner, that they are fully realized.Air safari tours are the norm and a basic routine of going places no one has even gone before. Read More



You are in good company at Ultima Thule Lodge. Harpers Abroad named the lodge one of the 150 Best Places on Earth.  Women’s Adventure Magazine calls it “a world class lodge.” National Geographic Traveller proclaims it a Best Place to visit. But it’s the words of their guests that mean the most to your hosts...  Read More


Alaska Luxury Cabins

Each luxurious private cabin is uniquely appointed, with elegant Craftsman furniture and a quintessentially Alaskan devotion to primal comforts. Stained glass windows, a cherry writing desk, plush leather furniture. All this, a hundred miles from the nearest road.

Luxurious Cabins


The Ultimate Alaska Heli-Ski Alternative

Ski Alaska in style. From your base at Ultima Thule Lodge, fly with us to ski pristine backcountry powder that no human being has ever skied before. Be back at the lodge in time for your gourmet supper. Ski Alaska with Us


Our Story

3 generations ago, John Claus fell in love with a patch of land so deep in the Alaskan wilderness that no one else could even find it. Long before the area surrounding it was named a National Park , he staked a claim, picked up his axe, and built a cabin. It was his young son Paul and newly wed wife, Donna who moved onto the property permanently and began to build their dream.   Read More


Your Cessna soars eastward over the glittering Chitina River. Row upon row of mountain ridges march off into the wilderness. Eagles soar beneath you. Ducks splash in the sunlit water of a thousand glacial ponds.

"What are these mountains called?" asks your companion, over the rumbling engine.

The pilot glances back at her. "These mountains haven't been named yet."

You turn to each other. The Cessna banks northward, coming in low. You skim along between craggy cliffs, breeze down over the tops of black spruce. And then with an exhilarating bump of the tires on a grassy plain, you are on earth. It is silent.

“No one,” says your pilot, “has ever landed here before.”  And he opens the door.



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