New Video: The Lodge

April 8, 2014

Each day we share adventures in the wilderness, flying and seeing and touching and doing things together that we never imagined. But it may be at the dinner table, each night -- when guests and family come together to share stories -- that each of us truly becomes a part of the ongoing story of Ultima Thule.

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New Video: True Wilderness

February 17, 2014

"True wilderness." Dig deep and ask yourself what those words mean to you.

In this modern world it’s more important than ever that we unplug, leave behind our daily routines, and take a step into something larger. There aren’t many places left on earth to do this.

Check out the latest video installment of Beyond, our video series that gives you a chance to fly along with the Claus family and guests as we explore one of the world’s last great wilderness locations.

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New Video: Bush Flying: Key to the Wrangells

January 22, 2014

One thing about Alaska that amazes our guests is the sheer scale of the wilderness here. There are mountain peaks here no one has ever scaled. Hidden valleys no one has ever explored. Places it would literally be impossible to go -- unless you can strap on a pair of wings.

Check out the latest video installment of Beyond, our video series that gives you a chance to fly along with the Claus family and guests as they explore the Alaskan wilderness.

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Happy New Year from Ultima Thule

December 31, 2013

Meet Alpha, one of two Piper PA-18 Super Cubs at Ultima Thule’s Alaska lodge. A Piper Super Cub, Paul likes to say, is the “closest thing to a pair of wings you can strap on.”

But Alpha’s special...

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The (Video!) Adventure Begins

December 18, 2013

We’re so thrilled to present the first installment of Beyond, a new video series that will give you a chance to fly along with the Claus family and our guests as we explore the Alaskan wilderness. Soar between mountain peaks. Sail over moose, bears and wolves. Touch down in a patch of pristine wilderness where no human has ever set foot before, and picnic in a field of wildflowers.

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Adventure Travel in the Off-Season

December 10, 2013

Summer days in Alaska are long and sunny, but everything has its season. And with the lodge closed up tight all winter, and everyone hunkered down, people often ask: what do we do in the off-season?

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No Helis Allowed

December 1, 2013

Four mountain ranges converge here. Thirteen million acres of virgin powder in the largest protected land mass on earth. And there is no place more diverse – Wrangell-St. Elias National Park offers something for every skier, from the gnarliest pro to the just-for-fun crowd. It’s a true skier’s paradise.

Are you drooling yet? You want to heli ski Wrangell-St. Elias? Forget it! There are no helicopters are allowed in the park.

So how can it be that people are starting to talk about the amazing skiing here?

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