It's Springtime at Ultima Thule

March 20, 2019

Springtime in Alaska is a dream. Mother Nature is awe-inspiring during this transitional time in the Great North. From the point of takeoff to the moment of landing, each second of my experience was greater than my wildest dreams.

As an avid adventure seeker, the grandeur of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park called my name. As I met the crimson red Cessna 180 at the McCarthy airstrip, I could feel the electricity in the air, sparked with the possibilities that spring in Alaska held. As our pilot navigated us towards the lodge, I was in awe of the land. The midnight sun shone brightly in the early morning, catching the glittering silt in the running waters of the Chitina River. The mountains were cast in all different hues of color, exposing a mother and calf moose, a band of sheep, and a meandering black bear. Viewing the lodge from the air was magnificent. The manicured grounds and complex of log cabins looked at home nestled amongst the great mountains.

The skilled crew of professional adventurers that work at Ultima Thule made me feel comfortable and safe. The gifts of spring were bountiful with crisp air, blooming wildflowers, and bluebird skies as I trekked across the land and explored the air with the best pilots and guides around. After our daily flights, glacier treks, and sand bar lunches, a steam in the wood sauna was the perfect way to wrap up a day full of new experiences. The modern conveniences that were available were utterly extravagant - as we were so far away from civilization. The comfort touches in my accommodations allowed me to take both a physical and mental journey. With the perfect mix of modern conveniences and wilderness, I was astounded with my trip to Ultima Thule. My adventure to Alaska was exquisite, to say the least.

-Kelly Hoffman-

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