The People

Ultima Thule is a place to gather family and friends, or to visit alone and discover kinship with other travelers. “People come alone, and they connect,” says Donna Claus. “People come here with friends and family, and they go away with memories they will literally never forget.”

“Every soul yearns to explore. To see new places and do new things – something so unique you can’t even explain it to other people. When you come here, this is the real thing.”

The Family

“Dad, can I borrow the plane?”

When you raise a family 100 miles from the nearest road, you do things a little differently. The Claus family backyard is 13 million acres of the most remote wilderness on earth.

The Clauses are a family of adventurers, with this land in their hearts, in their blood. Three generations have grown up here. They know this land. They love it. And they love to share it.

The Story of Ultima Thule Lodge

Paul Claus

Outside Magazine calls him “King of the Bush Pilots.” Paul’s a native Alaskan, and since getting his pilots license at age 14, he's logged over 35,000 hours of flight time. A better captain for your journey you won't find.

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Donna Claus

Former championship skier Donna Claus was born in Colorado. “But when I was five,” says Donna, “the first song I learned on the piano was ‘North to Alaska.’”

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John and Eleanor Claus

In 1960, Grandma and Grandpa John and Eleanor Claus staked a land claim under the Homestead Act. That little patch of land on the Chitina has grown into Ultima Thule Lodge.

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Jay Claus

The third genneration of the flying Claus clan, Jay comes by his skills naturally. While following in his grandfather and father's footsteps, Jay is also making his own mark as a talented craftman, outdoorsman and athlete.

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Ellie Gray

"I realize that we are extremely privileged to be able to live this lifestyle together.” Explains Ellie in regard to growing up at Ultima Thule and now helping to run the business along with husband, Ben. “It can be a challenge at times, but I can’t imagine life any other way!”

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Ben Gray

A born and raised Alaskan, Ben also comes from a family rich in aviation history. Leaning to fly from his father when he was just 14 years old, Ben soon after bought his own small plane and has since spent over half his life at the controls.

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Logan Claus

Named after the largest (in mass) mountain on earth that looms just 30 miles East of Ultima Thule, Logan is more an aspiring pilot than avid mountaineer. The youngest member of the Claus family, Logan has a contagious smile and fun-loving attitude that quickly endears her to visitors.

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The Extended Family

The staff members at Ultima Thule are considered family and each works hard to ensure that the lodge is a true home to our guests.

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