Although Alaska contains some of the largest  wilderness on earth, most adventurers never get past the major hubs of Southeast and Denali.

The Wrangell Mountains are famously wild and difficult to navigate on foot, even in summer. The Chitina is a braided river, a network of intertwined currents and sandbars miles across.

There is only one way to truly experience this land...



Off the Beaten Path



It is a deep love of the wilderness that led the Claus family to pioneer the art of landing bush planes with tundra tires on ice glaciers.

With the Thule pilots' celebrated gift for landing gently in the wild, you can actually interact – actually touch a part of this vast wilderness.

These planes are the physical expression of our love of wilderness, and the best way to immerse yourself in it.


What is A Bush Pilot?

"This is what makes the Ultima Thule experience so seductive:
it is almost anti-tourism, at least of the managed version so many of us have come to expect.
There are no set itineraries. The Super Cubs mean very little planning is required—as long as one is accompanied by a member of the Claus family."


-Sophie Roberts

Travel and Leisure Magazine



Planes of Ultima Thule

A few from our fleet



The 185




There really is no better way

to experience this land.




Our Alaskan Lodge


Vast, Wild and Free


The Experience