The following is a short excerpt from the full article written by contributor, Ann Able and published on June 29th, 2015:

While plenty of cruise ships ply the waters of the southeastern panhandle, and a good number of visitors opt for camper vans or cheap and cheerful cabins with shared bathhouses, the quintessential luxury Alaska is found by going off-road. Catering to sportsmen and photographers, the best lodges are reached only by floatplane, helicopter or 12-seater Cessna—which makes the fact that people managed to build these outposts of refined rusticity all the more remarkable.

Here are three of the finest.


Quite possibly the most isolated lodge anywhere, Ultima Thule Lodge takes its name from the “unknowable realm” beyond the northern bounds of ancient Greek maps (and a Longfellow book inspired by same)...
...The place is improbable, operated by a family that has spent more than three decades smack in the middle of nowhere—more than 100 miles from the nearest road—but is worldly, eager to converse about their Africa travels and ready to cater to guests who are accustomed to a certain standard of comfort.

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