The 185

Cessna 185 Skywagon
3 Seater


Cherry red and chromium steel, the Cessna 185 is undeniably sporty. But this little plane is more than just a pretty face.

In 1976 Ultima Thule patriarch John Claus went to the Cessna factory, fired up a brand new 185, and took to the skies. He flew the new plane to a second factory, where it underwent wilderness modifications, then flew it back to Alaska.

With room for three passengers -- less than the Otter but more than the cubs -- the 185 is the Claus family station wagon.

Some say John's grandson, and 3rd generation bush pilot, Jay Claus, favors the 185 over the other craft in his family’s driveway.  Whether that’s true or not, no one would deny the 185 is a powerful ride. Whether it's sporting wheels or skis, the 185 flies far and fast and always in style.