The oldest of the 3rd generation of Alaskan Clauses,

Ellie grew up annoying staff members and charming guests every summer at the lodge. Finally turning that charm to the attention of long time buddy and lodge alumni, Ben Gray.  An auspiciously suited match of Alaskan born, adventure loving people was formed and the couple was married in 2010.

Always the avid outdoorswoman Ellie started official work at the lodge as an adventure guide sharing her favorite places with lucky visitors. Once captain of the Chitina River Polar Bear Club (members jump into the glacier waters for fun) and able cross gravel strewn sand bars barefoot at a dead run; She’ll tell you that “old age” softens calloused feet and makes cold water unbearable. “I think growing up in the wilderness made me tough too early and now I’m getting soft.”

But don’t let her try to fool you. Even though this 27 year old has progressed to the level of General Manager and spends a great deal of time answering emails and taking care of clients at the lodge, she still nurtures her deep love of wild places and her passion for the family business is the first thing you will discover when you make contact with Ultima Thule.

Interesting facts:

  • Ellie was a professional Sled Dog Racer, from 13 – 20 years old, and still holds the title of Youngest Finisher in the history of the Iditarod.
  • Though she got her license at 19 and logged a couple hundred hours in the super cubs, Ellie prefers to let the rest of the family chafer her around.
  • Ellie and Ben have 10 acres and an off-the-grid cabin in nearby McCarthy where they like to spend their down time.






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