The Home of Authentic Alaskan Cuisine Gets a Copper Upgrade

July 15, 2013

Here it is folks, everyone’s favorite wilderness kitchen has just gotten better.

With a view to die for through floor to ceiling picture windows, the bright colors of Fiesta ware covering the shelves and the sweet smells of authentic Alaskan cuisine baking in the oven, the Ultima Thule Kitchen has never been something to complain about. But now it’s the focal point of the whole main lodge.

Who knows where the idea started, perhaps just the fact that we live alongside the mighty “Chiti-na”, which in the Atna language means “Copper River”. The Atna Indians were a wealthy tribe known for trading beautiful azurite and malachite stones. In fact it was Atna Chief, Nicolai, who aided the discovery of the largest producing Copper Mine of its time – Kennecott. However the idea was born it’s quite fitting for an area as rich in copper history as this is.

In honor of these roots we sought out the finest copper craftsmen today and set them to work recovering all the surface areas of our already well-functioning commercial lodge kitchen. Combine this with the tile flooring that was installed last summer and the Thule kitchen is truly a thing of beauty as well as functionality.

Despite our proximity to the source, making the idea a reality was not simple.  All the pieces were hard crafted in Montana, by Mountain Copper Creations, and then driven to Seattle where they boarded a ship and headed up the Alaska Marine Highway to Anchorage. Still far from the journey's end they were driven another 350 miles and flown piece by piece in our bush planes to their new home in the Thules.

Enjoy the photo tour here and come discover the finest authentic Alaskan cuisine being prepared fresh daily in our one of a kind copper kitchen!









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