1965 Piper PA-18 Super Cub
Rebuilt in in 1995 & 2008
2 Seater

Unlike its brother Alpha, Tango posesses a full (but ultra-light) electrical system, including a starter -- that means no one has to spin the propellor to get it started, and other luxuries such as pilot and passenger intercom.

With a powerful 180 horsepower engine, this little Super Cub excells at mountain top landings and gravel sandbars.

Tango, the yellow Super Cub, was the first plane patriarch John Claus ever owned. He bought it brand new in 1965. “I learned to fly in that plane,” says John. Tango has been all over the northern world, from Alaska to the Siberian coast.

In 1995 Tango underwent a complete rebuild so that it could appear in Charlton Heston’s film, Alaska. Paul Claus flew Tango onscreen in that film. Then in 2008 it was transformed back into the familier family cruiser and retired from its days of Hollywood fame.



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